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1920s-1960s: Biscuit (AKA "Grandpa Arthur's Story")

Arthur and Roma Lubinski, 1970s

    Arthur Lubinski was my grandfather.  He was a well-known petroleum engineer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States, but before that, he was a maquisard, fighting to rid France of the Nazis.

    Grandpa was born 30 March 1910 in Antwerp, Belgium, the son of two Polish-born naturalized Belgian citizens.  His family went to Poland to see family in the summer of 1914, and when WWI broke out, they were stranded in Poland for thirteen years.  

    My grandfather fell in love with my grandmother when they were teenagers in Poland. After he went back to Belgium in 1927, they continued their relationship via letters and the occasional visit. Eventually, my grandmother moved to Belgium to attend the university (unusual for the time - most women did not pursue higher education). They married in 1935.

    In 1939, Grandma Roma fell pregnant with my Aunt Lilly, who was born May 8, 1940, two days before the Nazis invaded Western Europe.

    Some of the articles are early drafts of chapters I wrote for the book. I've marked those with "(chapter)." I've since revised them, and the revisions are not reflected here. In some cases I had to change them significantly due to discovering new information about what happened after I wrote it.

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