Wednesday, December 20, 2023

1945: Uncle Paul's SOE Uniform

I've got a couple of photos of my Uncle Paul, taken in December of 1945, and he was wearing a uniform. 

Click on the images to enlarge:

Paul Lubinski with his niece Liliane and sister-in-law Roma

That's my grandmother on the right. She was almost certainly about nine months pregnant with my mother in this photo. 

Note Lieutenant Lubinski's uniform insignia

Under his left lapel, there is a patch: two wings with a parachute between them. That indicates he qualified as a parachutist.  

The parachute badge with wings is still in use today:

Given the sepia tones, I can't tell what color the coat or his shirt and tie were, but I did find this page at the UK Imperial War Museum site: Jacket, Service Dress: Major, Special Operations Executive (SOE). Note the second photo on the IWM page that focuses on the left shoulder.  Same parachute insignia and similar styling.  The right front pocket flap might be different in shape, though. Unfortunately, it doesn't answer the question of what color the shirt and tie or his trousers were.  

And yes, I wrote to the museum to ask about that. :-) 

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