Monday, December 18, 2023

1940s: Termite (AKA "Uncle Paul's Story")

Paul Lubinski, with his niece Liliane, Valence, France, 1945

    Paul Lubinski was my great-uncle, my Grandpa Arthur's younger brother.  He was born 18 February 1918 in Lodz, Poland (his parents and brother had gone to Poland to visit family in the summer of 1914, and when WWI broke out, were stranded in Poland ... for thirteen years.

    Unlike my grandfather, Uncle Paul was single when WWII broke out (though he was very much in love with Lisa Schein), and his life took a very different path during the war.  He escaped Belgium in the fall of 1942, and made it to the UK by February of 1944.

    Within a few months, he was working for the SOE.

    These are my articles about Uncle Paul:

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