Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Chapters names, dates, quotes: Arranging stuff on the page

Yesterday, I talked about making choices between French and English vocabulary. But more choices keep presenting themselves, and I'm finding myself with analysis paralysis.

The beginning of each chapter starts with three things: 

  • A specific date (as a tribute to my grandfather's Journal 1940), either day/month/year, and sometimes additional things like time of day, or year only. 
  • A quotation by a family member about what happens during that chapter.
  • Chapter name

So then, which order is better? Chapter title, quote, then date? Or quote first (which leaves it sort of outside the chapter), THEN chapter title and date?    

So, this ...

Chapter Title/Quote/Date

Note: Click the image to enlarge (optional)

.... or this?

Quote/Chapter Title/Date

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