Saturday, January 26, 2019

Hats, photos, and my address book

So, I've made a LOT of hats.  About 70 of them, if you count the headscarves. 

One thing that I do, is ask that if I give someone a hat, that I get a photo of the person, in the hat that I made for them, for my Ravelry project photos.  Fortunately, my family is happy to oblige. :-)

What I also do, is use that photo of them in my contacts/address book, so that when they call me, I see them wearing my hat on my phone screen. Like this:

That is my husband, modeling his Jayne Cobb hat (Firefly fans will know what I'm talking about) and he's is scowling in an entirely Jayne-appropriate manner.

Here are a few others:

The one exception is the picture of me (in the upper right).  I didn't make that hat. Chris did (though I felted it).

My granddaughter is too young for her own contact entry, but if she were, I'd use this photo (because she's a cutie, and this is my favorite photo of her that I've taken):

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