Saturday, January 19, 2019

Featured Variegation Project - AJ's Prismatic Scarf

Used with permission. © AJ/amewsing
Here's some serendipity: AJ did no planning at all; she just cast on and started knitting, hoping it would work out.  And, it did, in a wonderfully magical manner. Her gauge, row length, and the color repeats in the yarn itself interacted in a lovely way.

Used with permission. © AJ/amewsing

... I just cast on and starting knitting, hoping that something interesting would happen. The ribbed edging where it went all rainbow-y on its own is my favorite part. I’m probably addicted to variegated yarns. Just a bit.
Finding the best blank canvas for variegated yarn involves making sure you pick a project that’s plain enough that the yarn can do most of the work for you. Fancy stitch patterns will get lost. The neat thing is, even with mindless, simple knitting, the wildness of the yarn will keep the project from being too boring, at least in my experience. The pattern I used for my Prismatic scarf was a great choice in that it’s got some uncomplicated lace in there to balance out the simpler parts of the pattern. Really loved making it! Lonnnnng rows, though.
Also, if you’re making something and you’re getting pooling that isn’t quite what you are after, changing your gauge can make a huge difference (but sometimes you’ll need to find another pattern entirely).
For more photos, see AJ's project:
The pattern can be found here:

Here's the skein before she knitted it up:
Used with permission. © AJ/amewsing

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