Friday, February 9, 2024

2023 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominee - The Fabelmans

I can't believe I didn't write anything last year about The Fabelmans, especially given it was one of my favorites of the 2023 Best Picture nominees. I called it "excellent" last year, but Chris didn't like it nearly as well as I did and rated it merely "good."

Acting, cinematography, writing - all of it was excellent.  But what really stood out, was the storytelling. The (semi?) autobiographical movie told the story of how a young artist became a great filmmaker, and the movie gave a peek into the sometimes troubled lives of the young filmmaker and his family. It also showed us what it was like for him behind the camera, how he told his stories.

As a wannabe storyteller myself, this movie gave me all the feels.

(Pithy Reviews; and Rankings of 6 out of 10 nominees):

  • Elvis (Excellent movie with stellar acting, music and costumes; Cathy: 3, Chris: 1)
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once (Excellent, beautiful, imaginative and utterly bizarre; Cathy: 2, Chris: 2)
  • The Fabelmans (Good story about a storyteller; Cathy: 1, Chris 3)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Very enjoyable but not really Oscar material; Cathy: 4, Chris 4)
  • Tár (Interesting topic, boring movie about a loathsome person. Only watched 60%; Cathy: 5, Chris: 5)
  • Triangle of Sadness (Terrible, gross, and Cathy only watched half; Cathy: 6, Chris: 6)


- Originally watched February 10, 2023, updated February 2024

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