Friday, February 9, 2024

2023 Academy Awards Best Picture Nominee - Top Gun: Maverick


This is another 2023 Best Picture nominee that I didn't write much about at the time.  It's the only one of the nominees that I'd seen prior to the AMPAS releasing the list of movies released in 2022 that were nominated for Best Picture. 

Was it a good movie? My first thought is that it's a fun movie but not Oscar-worthy.  Of the 10 movies nominated, I ranked three of them below Maverick.

I enjoyed it a great deal, seeing Mav and Ice again and the many great flying scenes.  It was less homoerotic than the original, I suppose, and I was glad the love interest was age-appropriate for once.  Decent acting, more humor than the original, and it looked great.  I missed seeing Goose's wife Carole (Meg Ryan) though, as well as Charlie (Kelly McGillis), Maverick's love interest from the original movie.

I do have to relate a funny conversation that occurred when Chris and I watched the movie:

Scene: the characters are talking about the teeny-tiny target that will be impossible to hit with a fighter plane and we have the following conversation:

Me: "it's not impossible--"
Chris (*slightly* before me): "It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home!"
Me: Goddamn it!!! You said it first!!!"
Both of us: [dissolve into laughter].

It's great being married to a fellow nerd.  (To the non-nerds out there: It's a Star Wars reference.)


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